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    Foreign resident arrested in drugs bust

    By Chiangmaimail | June 12, 2011

    Commander of the Immigration Bureau Region 5 Thitirat Nongharnphitak reported that Canadian citizen Shmilov Herzel, 29 has been arrested for selling drugs along with his 20-year-old Thai wife Thasani Klanklin, and an associate, Phichet Pheungsai, 39 at their restaurant in Chiang Mai.

    The couple have been operating the Falafel King restaurant on Chai Sri Phoom road and selling drugs out of the store front. Two tourists filed a report with the police after they claimed they had bought drugs from the restaurant and then Phichet masqueraded as a police officer and attempted to extort further money from them. The Immigration and Region 5 Police said they had been alerted to the activities of the group by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency earlier last month and that they had been under investigation since that time. The DEA informed the police that the Canadian suspect was wanted on drugs charges in both the United States and Canada.

    An alleged fourth gang member is still at large. The three suspects were arrested by police after a warrant was issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court.

    Chiang Mai Mail

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